2018-2019 Level Up Application
Level Up is a youth-led movement designed to help students like you succeed in college. The goal is to ensure that you earn your degree and thrive in all aspects of life beyond graduation.

How It Works: College students from the LA area are referred to Level Up as either First Year Students (incoming freshmen) or Ambassadors (upperclassmen). Once selected for the program, First Year Students are matched with Ambassadors on the campuses they will be attending in fall.

During Summer: Ambassadors and First Year Students each attend training events before meeting in-person at a full-day, summer matching event.

During the School Year: Ambassadors and First Year Students meet regularly to work through discussion topics, complete fun activities, build college and career readiness skills, and connect with the right folks to find personalized resources on campus.

Big Picture: The Ambassador-First Year Student relationship is not only about mentorship, but also about building real friendships, learning from one another, and building a movement around YOUR student voice.

How It All Fits Together: The Level Up program is overseen by a network of college access organizations (the Southern California College Access Network, or 'SoCal CAN'). The college advising programs you worked with in high school are all part of SoCal CAN. They recommended you to be in the Level Up program, and they rely upon SoCal CAN to continue supporting you during college - through Level Up.
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Have you declared a major?

Which major have you declared?

If you have more than one major, include them both!
Did you transfer to your current college?

Do you/will you commute to campus from home?

Were there any program(s) that supported you during your high school experience?

Were you referred to Level Up through one of our partners? Were there any programs that helped you with your admission or scholarship application process? Maybe just moral support and a hot cup of coffee? Please list them here.
Next we'd like to ask some questions about your demographic information. This will remain confidential and will in no way impact your eligibility.

Are you a First Generation College Student?

In other words, are you the first member of your family to attend a college or university?
Race / Ethnicity?

Are you a native speaker of any language, other than English?

What other language(s)?

Ancestry / Country of Origin?

In other words, where does your family come from (optional)?

Almost done! Just a few more questions to help us get to know you.

Please select the hobbies, interests, clubs, etc. that you enjoy and identify with.

This will help us in making better Ambassador-First Year matches.

Do you have any responsibilities or obligations outside of academics?

Which of the following career readiness supports are you most interested in?

Are you able to commit at least 4 hours per month to Level Up?

Are you able to meet with your Ambassador / First Year Student(s) at least once a month? *

By clicking "I accept" below, I agree to share the information in this form with the Southern California College Access Network (SoCal CAN) and the Level Up program. I understand that the information provided in this form will be kept confidential and may be shared in the aggregate with SoCal CAN member organizations, funding agencies, and in public reports.

Thank You! We'll contact you soon with additional information about next steps.
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